Life and fire safety audit is crucial for company safety


Life and fire safety audit is a systematic process to carry out critical appraisal and in depth examination of fire hazards involving personnel, premises, services and operation methods within an organization. Fire safety protocol varies from hospitals to hotels and educational institutions. Each obeys a strict regulation policy regarding the installation and displacement of the fire safety equipment. The audit focuses on key aspects of fire safety management system within a workplace and offers a structural path for continued improvements in its practice.

Utilizing vast industry experience and acknowledging aspects of universally applied safety management systems’ several nations’ council have prepared a fire safety management model that objectively evaluates preventive and protective safety management system arrangements against the current best practice techniques.

Audit process

Audit process carries out the assessment of a myriad of safety measures in a facility against nominated criteria:

  • Documentation of the safety management is reviewed which includes staff, equipment, and certification.
  • Interview with staff and stakeholders in reference to their knowledge about certain safety protocols and confidentially discuss their roles and responsibilities in the company.
  • Inspection of sites and sampling of operational activities also lie in the audit criteria to assess the arrangements of safety management.
  • Inspection of automatic fire detection systems installation. Checking planned maintenance regimes and also discarding faulty and expired equipment.
  • Analyzing building occupancy level and assessing escape and access routes inside the building.

Auditors are mindful of the operational arrangements and provide with adequate amount of flexibility in auditing scheduling to ensure correct measures are taken. All audits reports are compiled and technically verified and quality endorsed before being submitted to the clients.

Improvements and recommendations

The fire safety audit reports are based on the findings and study of the deviations observed in the audit and therefore a frequent and abrupt course of action is recommended.

These may include the existing statutory non-compliance deviations from standard operating procedures defined by the company. Areas considered good practice are also identified and must ordinarily be maintained. No further course of action is needed to improve it. Any area that is deemed critical and considered imminent danger to the building or facility that could result in the risk of life or fire occurring is notified to the relevant client or representative.

In the unlikely circumstances it is expected that immediate action is taken to rectify or reduce to an acceptable level and any high risk areas which are identified should be brought down to appropriate standards during the visit of an auditor.

Once the life and fire safely protocol is set at standard in a company, with properly documented proof of an audit report, the client satisfaction is maintained. Hotels and hospitals strictly follow the mandatory standard audit on regular basis thus ensuring their credibility.