ISO 50001

ISO 50001 standard can address the severe energy crisis of Pakistan

The Energy Crisis in Pakistan
Power failures, outages and load shedding are a very common phenomenon in Pakistan. Everyone from the poor to the rich have become victims of this energy crisis in Pakistan. At the moment Pakistan is facing a deficit of 3,000 MW hence the power breakdowns throughout the country. The country’s additional demand can be met if there is an efficient use of energy in the industrial and the residential sector. There are certification bodies working day in and day out to come up with systems that can help in the smart and efficient use of resources. ISO 50001 is one such certification that not only ensure efficient use of energy but conservation as well.
What is ISO 50001?
ISO 50001 is a certification body that was initially published in 2011 and then its second version came out in 2018. It is an Energy Management System (EnMS) that is a guideline for industries to implement rules to monitor and regulate their use of energy. This system can be opted by an industry be it small, large or of any social descent and geographical location. As a result of this certification an industry will not only conserve energy it will save the climate as well.

In Pakistan the major electricity is generated through Thermal Power stations that operate on coal, oil and gas. It is a well-known fact that these three fuels release Greenhouse Gases that pollute the environment. Once there will be a check and balance in the consumption and production of energy, there will be more saving of energy and the non-renewable energy resources. All of this will consequently save the environment that is at a high risk at the moment.

Perks of the Certification
Once the industries adopt this EnMS, they get returns on this investment. One they get to save energy and eventually spend less on its generation. Moreover, they get to contribute towards securing the climate and playing their in preventing global warming. This will not only benefit the environment, but improve their credibility as a company as well. The certified companies will stand out in the eyes of the investors which will bring in money for them. Secondly and most importantly, these companies will help even out the energy deficit in the country. Pakistan’s energy crisis can be dealt with if only the industries start following the guidelines
provided by ISO 50001.
Power Crisis and ISO 50001
The main reason for this high demand of power energy in Pakistan is the inefficient and poorly monitored energy use in the industrial sector of Pakistan. Once the industries decide to get registered under this certification, some of the power woes in the country can be kept at bay. If not much, at least the power demand can be reduced to mitigate the power outages within the country. There is a dire need for industries in Pakistan to understand the importance EnMS and how it can help improve their businesses as well. When there will be less outages, there will be few interruptions and hence better performance. About time representatives from the industrial sector of Pakistan are trained about the importance of this certification, and how it can be mutually beneficial for the country, environment and the industry itself.