ISO 37001

The Anti-corruption drive of PM Imran Khan

Prime minister Imran Khan visualized an anti-corruption campaign. He pledged a ‘strict accountability’   and a ‘crackdown’ against the people who looted the country and left it to its misery.

Primary action was the establishment of ARU (Assets recovery unit) with its headquarters located in the Prime Minister’s office.  ARU tasks enforces the retrieval of hidden assets overseas and it comprises of bank of officials and all the representatives from the government intelligence agencies. It targets high level corruption collecting details of illegal foreign accounts and assesses information within a period of seven days.

The history of ISO 37001

Anti-bribery management system is a management standard formed to help organizations against corruption that ensure the culture of integrity, transparency and compliance. As corruption has been the most destructive and challenging issue of the world. It affects the quality of life and increases poverty.  Anti-bribery protocol is appointing a person that over sees the anti-bribery compliance, manages training of the officials and assess the risk. It came in effect in the year 2016.

Organizations need due diligence on their projects, business associates and implement a financial and commercial control. This demonstrates the stakeholders that they have to enhance the control they already have by putting in place the internationally recognized, good practice anti-bribery method. It’s a flexible tool that can be adapted according to the size and nature of the organization.

ISO 37001 is a management system that is not limited to a certain type of organization. It can be used by government, public and non-profit organizations.

Not only is this system for all but it also adds to the credibility of an organizations. This certification serves as a warning to all those people and organizations who want to have an under the table deal, or are interested in giving or taking bribes. It is also a threat to the employees of an organization that any illegal dealing can lead to serious repercussions to the individual and the company too.

ISO 30071 Certificate in effect

Having strong documentation that outlines anti-bribery procedures provide a common platform for companies to work off with. Most importantly ISO 37001 promotes the culture of ethics in an organization and sends a clear zero tolerance statement to employees against bribery.

Certification in affect results in effectively preventing bribery which ultimately saves adequate amount of time and money in the run. A bribery scandal can sabotage a company’s reputation and also stain an individual’s political career.

ISO 37001 and the Anti-corruption drive

Both the anti-bribery management system and the anti-corruption drive go hand in hand. Now the current government can make it mandatory for companies to be certified by ISO 37001 to ensure transparency. Officials must be appointed under the ISO 37001 in State Owned Entities to regularly monitor the flow of money in these organizations to catch the culprits and take a step towards putting an end to this corruption spree in Pakistan. This is certainly the need of the hour and through this certification proper monitoring bodies will be formed that will ensure that the anti-corruption coupled with the anti-bribery management system are running effectively.