Halaal Certification – PS  3733

Pakistan Halaal Standard (PS 3733) i.e Halaal Food Management System Requirements for Any Organization in Food Chain & or compliance to Organization of Islamic Countries’ General Guidelines on Halaal Food (OIC/SMIIC-1). The organizations are required to implement their Halaal food management system as per requirements of  Shariah Laws, Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733) & / OIC General Guidelines on Halaal Food (OIC/SMIIC-1). The key points for Halaal food requirements as per Pakistan Halaal Food Management System (PS 3733) mainly include;

  • All sources of foods (animals, birds, aquatic animals, ingredients, additives etc) should be from Halaal Source
  • Establishment of Halaal Control Points for Halaal Production
  • Strict Traceability of Halaal Food products/ingredients throughout the food chain including traceability to immediate customer and supplier
  • Slaughtering of animals should be as per Islamic/Shariah Laws
  • All processed food should be from Halaal sources of ingredients, process aids etc
  • Hygiene and sanitation should be maintained and separation of Halaal and non Halaal lines, equipments, storages etc
  • Packing and labeling as per Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733) requirements mentioning product name, contents, trademark, list of ingredients, address, lot/batch etc
  • Product should meet the applicable federal, provincial & local government enforced regulatory requirements as applicable e.g Pakistan Pure Food Laws, Punjab Pure Food Laws, PSQCA standards etc
  • Documented statement of Halaal Food Policy & Objectives & Procedures as required by Pakistan Halaal Food Standard PS 3733
  • Internal Audit, Management Review, Emergency Preparedness, Human Resource & Documentation requirements as per Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733)