Strengthening local government system by implementing ISO 18091

For the system of a country to run smoothly, the government needs to be efficient and strong. Since this local government needs to take care of everything starting from the transport issues to the public lighting, civil protection and much more, thus they need to act smartly. People expect a lot from these official bodies and want to see them in action. This is where ISO 18091, quality management systems – guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in local government, makes a real difference.

It provides diagnostic models and tools for implementing a comprehensive quality management system that will contribute to making local authorities both efficient and reliable.

We can build stronger regional, national and global governments simply by strengthening integrity in local governance. ISO 18091 constitutes an excellent guide for local governments to reassure citizens that their needs and expectations are fully understood and met on a consistent basis and in a timely manner.

ISO 18091 is the first ISO standard directed at the public sector that gives guidelines for the implementation of ISO 9001 in local government, taking account of the context in which it operates. It has been updated to include the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems and a series of annexes to help users get the most out of the standard, including a diagnostic methodology for local authorities to evaluate the scope and maturity of their processes and services.

This standard is an important tool for the government in order to measure their progress and more than that it helps them achieve their targets. This standard helps you to become more professional which in turn saves resources and helps an area to grow economically. The local government has the biggest challenge with them as they are the ones who are directly in contact with the public therefore they are the ones at risk and their key to survival is delivering excellent performance. It is not possible for the government to manage everything if they do not follow proper procedure. This is where our standard helps you to efficiently manage your duties.

When leadership lacks at the top level then its effects are seen till the lowest level. Failure of local governments to do their duty properly leads to people losing their interest and trust. People have entrusted you with a big responsibility and moreover you have given them your word that you will solve their issues but if you fail to do so than these people will not hesitate to replace you. They will go against you and your opponents will be benefited from these circumstances. You will be seen as unfit for the job and once the relationship of trust between you and the public is broken than you can never rebuild it. Therefore one cannot take any chances at this crucial stage and the best way to resolve your issues is through international quality standards.

ISO 18091 is a one of the best standard to support you in this scenario. It will guide you, provide you with solutions and most importantly it will help you avoid any sort of chaos. All the guidelines indicated in ISO 18091:2014 are generic and applicable to all local governments, regardless of their type, size and product/service provided. The user can apply the guidance contained in ISO 18091:2014 as a whole or, in part, as necessary, to their maximum benefit.


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