How ISO 10002 can improve complaint handling in Prime Minister’s complaint portal

Customer satisfaction is the optimum goal of any service providing organization. ISO 10002 is an international standard integrated into the management system to handle customer complaints more effectively and efficiently. It provides a complaint management system to identify the cause of any particular complaint and how to eliminate it eventually.

Organizations should stay enlightened on their customer complaints and remain well equipped to respond promptly and resolve their vocalized troubles.

Implementation of ISO 10002

Primary function of ISO 10002 in effect is to enhance customer satisfaction by creating a customer-centered environment that receives feedback (including complaints) and resolves them by improving their products and services.

Stakeholders and top management personnel should commit themselves in with adequate acquisition by deployment of resources, training of staff and recognizing and addressing the needs of customer satisfaction.

This document further helps with the process of filing a complaint which is open, effective and easy to use. Old hassle of registering a complaint is eliminated by this process and a customer can effectively register his genuine problem.

Auditing of the complaint-handling process is very vital for its implementation. Mapping out and scoping your areas of responsibilities and timescales. This helps remove any gaps in the system.

Prime minister complaint portal

Prime minister’s office has embarked upon the quest for revamping the delivery unit with an effective and improved approach by installing a citizen’s complaint lodging online portal. This is an integrated citizen grievances redressal system that connects all federal and provincial government organizations. It entertains both overseas and domestic complaints of the general public.

This system helps in keeping track of what changes have been made in the ministries and how the new policies will affect the general public. Prime minister said that” All policy making will be done by hearing the opinions of the people.”

He added, “I believe this will bring a substantial change in Pakistan which is very important for our future. We need investment. We have inherited a huge amount of debt and if we intend to get out from it then there is only one way- we need to bring back the investment to Pakistan.”

The complaints process is functional in the IGP office and through this portal work is being done around two shifts, under the supervision of AIG of the reputed office. The complaint is not marked until its redressed or considered a faulty complaint.

This portal is perceived as a success if it moral around the certification of ISO 10002. The technical aspect of the complaint handling portal is remarkable but needs to add more customer satisfaction to its smooth functioning. The audit certification can also standardize its effect and help carry out the gaps and where it needs to improve its performance and to attract more citizens to believe in the system in place and address their complaints of their districts to eradicate their problems.

More and more use of online gradation system in the streams of Pakistani organizations can aid in progressive and exponential growth of departments. As a whole the working process is uplifted and brings advancements of the country.


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