Combating terror financing through implementation of ISO 9001

International Organization for Standardization is a voluntary body that creates standards for management systems of companies that deals in good satisfying consumers through production and delivery of safe and reliable products.

ISO was established in 1947 and since then it has come up with several thousand standards for companies of all sorts: large or small, government or private, rural or urban. The size, class or area doesn’t matter for certification from ISO.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

It is one of the famous and most effective standards of all standards of ISO. Like many other standards, ISO 9001 was released in two, the latest edition came to the forefront in 2015.

The ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) that describes the requirements for an organization to maintain quality in their services. It demands the companies to follow the guidelines to consistently produce products and services that their customers approve of and recommend. It is a constant effort on the organization’s end to come up with ways to improve their amenities that satisfies their consumers’ needs.

This certification is the primary requirement of every company that believes in keeps its customers satisfied and loyal to their brand. It is a struggle to keep the quality and standard of the companies’ processes and dealings of its employees in check.

Keeping things in check does require a little effort on workers end but the end results are worth all the effort. According to a survey 78% of the respondents claimed that ISO 9001 certification brought in positive results for their company and that their time and money did not go to waste.

Keeping Quality Management and Finances in check

ISO 9001 ensures quality management from the very first step to the very last. From finances generated to fund the projects to production of goods with those finances and then delivering those products to the consumers, every step is evaluated by the certification body.

When it comes to using the finances fairly, Pakistan gets in trouble. There have been cases in the past where both government and private organizations have been involved in money laundering and funding organizations supporting and proliferating terrorist based activities. Even now Pakistan is under strict surveillance of FATF after being grey-listed post Pulwama attacks in Indian held Kashmir.

ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems can help the finances in check. This standardization will ensure that the companies train its employees according to the standard’s guidelines, and form a monitoring body that oversees all the processes.

Once the influx and the out flux of the money is monitored, funding of terrorist groups can be curbed too. Not only that, people involved in such heinous acts can be caught too.

The ruling government must make it mandatory for all the big and small, government and private companies to get ISO 9001 certification. This will warn all the companies, groups and individuals who have been a part of these illegal deeds and help fight the war against terror.

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